Schedule Conflict Form

If students have any of the following concerns (including a hole in their schedule on Powerschool), please have students fill out this google link to report the error.

Schedule Conflict/Error Form 21-22

List of legitimate concerns:

Schedule Conflict Error: *

        • Passed a course in Summer School and it is still on your schedule
        • You have a missing block in your schedule or a course is listed twice
        • You are in a course that was previously taken and passed (Example: You need Spanish III instead of Spanish II)
        • You do not meet the prerequisite for the course you are signed up for
        • (*Seniors Only*) I want to look at an Early Release option
        • I have previously taken a class with a teacher on my schedule and received an F
        • Other: (ie. I want JROTC )

REMINDER: Counseling is open for Emergencies only! Thank you for your support during this busy time!